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Seven artists.
One day.
Infinite textures.

Inspired by pleasureLab 's "Lost in the Woods" event in Kappelen last month, ƒΛ♩Ξ creates an organic, refreshing event of its own -- one that pays homage to the electronic artists who came before us while also looking into the future of sound. And at our side, a diverse group of highly motivated and creatively driven artists are ready to help make it happen.

Meet them yourself:


Read and heed.

program** and line-up

Hosted by ƒΛ♩Ξ with friendly support from pleasureLab, rondechute and wild surf, Textures invites seven artists from Bern, Fribourg and Barcelona, Spain to come mix amidst the natural landscape of Switzerland:

i    floriano albertini & friends

Wake up and smell the coffee....errrr, techno! Floriano will serve you a techno flavored brunch. So come early and start your day off on a proper note! (Or forever hold your tongue :p). Oh, and bon app by the way.

ii   tom wineman

Founder and owner of the Swiss label pleasureLab, Mr. Wineman will introduce you to the sounds of his lab. Picking up where Floriano leaves off--he'll guide us on a path towards deep house enlightenment.

iii   the bassment

House lovers, you are forwarned: The Bassment will deep you with his extra-fine palette of bassy musical textures. Be good--or else he'll send you to the attic....which is way less cooler than the bassment.

iv   patrick podage

Dynamically flowing atmospheric sounds, story-telling synth lines in combination with sensual, not overly empowering, rhythmical percussive sounds--Patrick's sound is clear, pristine and wholesome. This is deep house in it's pure, unadultered form.

v    cmyk

A master ninja of a crate digger who shares his love with the rest of the world, CMYK is equally versed in the art of mixing. And get ready for some releases in the very near forseeable future. Ready to groove to the dope-est selections on the European continental shelf?

vi   oase & le horla

Two friends, one common passion: music. From under the ground to cosmic adventures way in space, they'll ensure you with a free-spirited trip through at least the third and fourth dimensions at a minimum.

date and location
the enchanted forest

Textures is an exclusive, invite-only music event. If you have been invited, you can reference the facebook event for the date and location.

*If you're walking back to the train station / home, please watch out for cars. For your safety, wearable glow sticks will be provided. Also, the path out to the main road will be illuminated.

**The artists kindly volunteer their time to play at Textures in the spirit of sharing their passion for music and for the vision of Textures. While we ask for no cover entrance, we kindly welcome your donations and/or tips in our 'Love Box' to help support the artists and the event. Drinks and food will be provided at reasonable prices, if not complimentary.

Thank you for your understanding and helping to make this event as fun and safe as possible!

Sincerely yours, Team ƒΛ♩Ξ